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Prior to training as a therapist, I had a career in marketing. From this experience, I am aware of the pressures a fast-paced, challenging and demanding working environment can impact our well being. After exiting marketing, I began to explore ways of connecting to my experience to help others. I started working in mental health and employment projects in Hackney. I worked with many people from diverse cultures and backgrounds for over five years. I developed ways of using recovery-oriented and creative ways of supporting my clients to be less stuck and to take their next steps in their journey.
Inspired by this work, I decided to embark on a six-year in-depth, experiential training as an integrative therapist at the Minster Centre, one of Europe's leading counselling and psychotherapy training institutes. I then practiced as a volunteer counsellor for two years at Centre for Better Health, a mental health charity in Hackney, before setting up my private practice.
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