My approach

My approach is integrative, which means that I draw on psychodynamic, relational and humanistic schools of thought, theories and ways of working. Therefore, I don't consider myself an expert in any one particular field or model, which allows the therapy to be a creative and collaborative process, which is co-created together; I'm an advocate of no one-size-fits-all.
This creative way of working together can open up a space for experimenting with a different narrative or way of being; to discover new and unacknowledged parts of yourself, to feel more alive and more at home within your body.
I work relationally and so look at our relationship dynamics from time to time, as a way of exploring and understanding other relationships in your life.
I can support you to consider how your past experiences inform you today and your future, whilst bringing attention to your body, sensations and feelings.
I have found that by just bringing some gentle awareness to physical sensations in the body we can open up a greater ability to access and understand our emotions more.